About Us

Our vision is to be recognised as a leader in community parent-child programs promoting healthy eating and physical activity in the early years.

Our History

The Have FunBe Healthy Program began in 2008 as a pilot with Playgroup Queensland and has since evolved into a successful, state-wide program reaching families across all populations, backgrounds and regions.

The Have FunBe Healthy Program is funded by the Queensland Government and has seen over 1000 children in 100 different communities in Queensland take part.

As an early years program, promoting health for children is the main focus and this is done through PLAY and FUN.

Our Mission

To build on parents and community members’ skills and knowledge to support them in providing their young children with opportunities to engage in healthy eating and physical activity. At Have FunBe Healthy we value:

  • physical play
  • healthy eating
  • respect
  • collaboration
  • integrity
  • working together
  • best practice
  • families as a vehicle for positive change.