Physical Play

Safety checklist

Prior to physical activity you should ensure the area and equipment are safe for children. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • if outside, make sure that your child has sun protection, such as sunscreen, appropriate clothing and hat, and that they are playing in the shade
  • ensure the playing area is clear and free of any potential hazards such as sharp objects or tripping hazards
  • when playing indoors the same applies, make sure the area is clear and there is plenty of space to move with minimal hazards around the perimeter. Ensure the surface you are playing on is not slippery
  • if multiple children are playing ensure play areas have adequate room so that children do not collide with one another or equipment
  • ensure any physical play activity is not near driveways or roads
  • inspect equipment to ensure it is safe to use, clean and there are no sharp edges or faults.